No Insurance? Join Our Marina Landing Discount Club in Alameda, CA

At our office, we do everything we can to relieve any anxiety – whether it’s nervousness over the state of your smile or concern over finances. We treat your dental issues proactively, using minimally invasive methods. We also offer a money-saving discount club in Alameda for our patients without insurance.

Join our discount club, and you’ll save on the cost of exams and cleanings. For a low monthly payment, you’ll get the routine dental care you need in the most affordable way possible. Plus, you’ll enjoy savings on other services. There’s no need to worry about not having insurance when you come to our office!

You’ll find membership options for adults, children, and patients vulnerable to gum disease. For more information on the club or to schedule an appointment, call 510-990-9650. You can also request an appointment online.