3 Cosmetic Treatments to Make Your Smile Zoom Ready

If you are tired of staring at dull, drab, or otherwise imperfect teeth in Zoom meetings, cosmetic treatments can help. At Marina Landing Family Dentistry, we offer a wider range of services that will boost your smile’s appearance. You may want to:

  • Whiten Your Teeth – We have in-office or at-home professional teeth whitening solutions. You can even get a longer-lasting solution to stains with veneers.
  • Fix Imperfections – Chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth can be distracting. You can cover these dental flaws with veneers or tooth bonding.
  • Achieve an Even-Looking Smile – If your teeth are uneven, a contouring procedure can even things out. We can also use a laser to get rid of an overly gummy smile. You’ll show more of your pearly whites!

If you are ready to feel confident in Zoom meetings, call Marina Landing Family Dentistry today at 510-990-9650 for an appointment in Alameda, CA. Or you can request an appointment online.

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