Avoid Painful Dental Problems With the Right Protection

As part of our general dentistry, we want you to keep all of your teeth for as long as possible. That’s why we want you to take steps to prevent problems. Professional cleanings and exams can keep you free from cavities and gum disease. Yet they don’t stop injuries that happen if you get hit in the mouth while trying for a rebound or a ball takes a bad hop when you are trying to field it.

You also don’t need to be on a court or a field to get a dental injury. Many people grind their teeth while they sleep. This can wear down your teeth and increase your risk of tooth and gum infections. Teeth grinding can lead to headaches, earaches, jaw pain, and TMJ disorders. It can also crack and chip your teeth.

Fortunately, we have services to protect you smile. You can get:

  • Athletic Mouthguards – Our sports mouthguards are custom designed from molds of your teeth. So they are smaller and more comfortable to wear than off-the-shelf guards. They offer better protection without interfering with your ability to breathe, speak, or drink water during a game.
  • Night Guards – These are excellent for anyone who grinds their teeth while sleeping. The night guard acts as a barrier to stop clenching and grinding. It also keeps your jaw in a more relaxed position, which can lessen headaches, jaw pain, and other problems.

Call 510-990-9650 or request an appointment online to get your custom mouthguards in Alameda, CA. Your teeth are important to your daily life. Let our team at Marina Landing Family Dentistry give them the right protection!