Get Your New Smile in a Single Office Visit

Dental bonding is one of the fastest and least invasive things you can do to upgrade your smile. Bonding is a simple cosmetic treatment that can often be completed in a single appointment. Bonding can make dull teeth look brighter – and won’t have to be repeated as often as whitening treatments. It can close small gaps between your teeth. It can also be used to fix minor breaks, cracks, and chips in your teeth. You deserve to feel good about your smile. Let us show you how you could make the changes that you want to see!

If you decide that a bonding treatment is right for you:

  • A composite resin is applied to the teeth you want to change.
  • The resin is shaded to match the rest of your smile.
  • The material is shaped to hide the imperfections of your teeth.
  • As a final step, the resin is hardened and polished. It will look like a natural part of your smile.

You can get bonding by itself, or you can make it part of a smile makeover. Bonding is a great option to pair with professional whitening, Invisalign orthodontic treatment, or gum reshaping among other services.

Call us at 510-990-9650 or request an appointment online for tooth bonding in Alameda, CA. Your smile is in good hands at Marina Landing Family Dentistry!