3 Reasons to Get Tooth-Colored Fillings

Based on statistics, you are likely to have a cavity if you haven’t already had one. When that time comes, you will want to get a dental filling.

We recommend tooth-colored fillings for our patients in and around Alameda, CA. Here are three reasons to call 510-990-9650 now to make an appointment at Marina Landing Family Dentistry.

1. Tooth Decay

As we noted above, most people get cavities. In fact, national health officials estimate that more than 90 percent of the population will experience tooth decay. When this happens, a filling can stop the cavity from getting worse.

2. Prevention

After you have had a cavity, the affected tooth is weaker. A filling helps to provide protection against a new cavity from developing in that same tooth.

3. Worn-Out Fillings

Over time, fillings do wear down, crack, and even fall out. If you have metal filling, this is a good opportunity to replaced them with a filling that matches the natural color of your smile.

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