3 Times Tooth Removal Is a Good Idea

You want to keep your smile intact. Saving teeth is a big part of what we do at our Alameda, CA practice. Even so, taking teeth out is sometimes the best option for the sake of your oral health.

In those situations, we can handle your tooth removal at Marina Landing Family Dentistry.

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1. Serious Damage

Most of the time, cavities can be filled. Broken teeth can be repaired with a crown, and infected teeth can be salvaged with root canals. Even so, some situations are too bad to fix. When that happens, removing and replacing the tooth is a better option.

2. Before Orthodontic Care

Crowding is a common contributing factor to crooked smiles. By removing a tooth or a few teeth, some people can make their orthodontic treatment simpler and more efficient.

3. Preparation for Implants

If you are already missing several teeth, then you may benefit from extracting the few remaining teeth that you have. This can allow you to get a set of implant supported dentures to regain your complete and healthy smile. 

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