5 Big Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

People have been trying for thousands of years to fix dental problems. Thankfully, we are beyond using stones, seashells, and bones to replace lost teeth.

Modern restorative dentistry can make you feel like your teeth are as good as new. This is why we encourage all our patients in and around Alameda, CA to repair or replace teeth as soon as they are able. 

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1. Improved Oral Health

People get restorative care in response to a dental problem. Whether that is a cavity, an infected tooth, a broken tooth, or lost teeth, you have options to revive your healthy smile. 

2. Enhanced Appearance

At one time, most restorations were made of some kind of metal. This could give you back the function of your teeth, but the metal itself could be distracting. Modern materials have made it possible to get a restoration that looks as natural as real teeth. 

3. Improved Function

The natural-looking materials used today are also stronger than the ones used by previous generations. As a result, you also can bite and chew as well as you could before your dental problems.  

4. Long-Lasting Results

This is just as important as the look and function of your fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures. With the continued improvement in materials, your restorations can last for years and decades in some cases before they need to be replaced.

5. Customized Treatments

Unfortunately, there are many different things that can cause oral health problems. On the positive side, we have a variety of treatments and combinations of treatments to give you back a smile that looks and feels as good as (and maybe better than) your real teeth did. 

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