Get Dental Implants to Replace Lost Teeth

To put it mildly, your lost teeth make your daily life more difficult than it should be.

You can get teeth replacements that are as good as the real thing. This starts when you establish a solid foundation for your new teeth. Dental implants are that foundation.

With the right replacement teeth, you can feel confident about eating anything you would like. You can speak without fear of your restorations falling out. You can smile with confidence, too.

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Which Situation Sounds Better

Imagine yourself meeting some old friends at a new restaurant. You arrive early and start looking over the menu. You start to get nervous. You aren’t sure what — if anything — you will be able to eat.

There’s always soup if it comes down to it. 

The server comes by to ask if you would like a drink while you wait. You say what you would like, but as soon as your server walks away, you start feeling self-conscious. Did your missing teeth make you sound funny?

You are still thinking about this when your friends arrive. You great them, but try to keep your lips pressed together. As they are catching up, sharing stories from their lives, laughing and having a good time, you are stuck worrying about your teeth (or lack thereof).

Now imagine this same situation, only this time you have restorations with dental implants to replace the teeth you lost.

When you look at the menu, there are so many great options, your only struggle is deciding what you want to get. You already know that you will be able to bite and chew whatever is on your plate.

This time when the server asks if you would like a drink, you order it along with an appetizer to share with your friends when they arrive.

You have no hesitation about greeting them when they join you. You aren’t thinking about your teeth. You know that you are speaking clearly. Instead, you join in the revelry that comes from friendships that go back decades.

Get What You Want From Your New Teeth

Replacement teeth need to do more than just give you a complete smile again. They should restore the function of your teeth. They should be stable and secure as well.

Implants do all of these things and something else that is just as important.

To maintain a strong and healthy jaw, you need to stimulate them. The roots of your teeth provide that stimulation when you bite and chew. To replicate that stimulation, you need to replace the roots. That is another thing implants do for you.

This prevents bone loss, which is what causes the sunken look that people sometimes develop when they are missing teeth.

Regain What You’ve Lost

By getting your dental implants in Alameda, CA, you can enjoy great smiles, a strong bite, and a healthy jaw for many years to come.

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